Manne Schlaier


Thomas Hirt

tenor sax · soprano sax · baritone sax · bass clarinet · flutes
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Live feature at John Aielli's Eklektikos Radio Kut - FM 90.5 Austin/Texas


…outstanding performance…
Claude Nobs producer Montreux Jazz Festival 
…jazz of the highest standard…
Goethe Centre Nicosia/Cyprus
…this is certainly challenging music making and I am loving it… I can't believe how beautiful it is… and the dueting between you guys, you're so together, it's remarkable!
John Aielli Radio KUT - FM 90.5 Austin/Texas
…they developed a duo identity in the last several years playing original music - which is terrific - I am a fan of their music
Dr. John Mills Director of Jazz Studies at the Southwest Texas State University